Foolproof Employee
Time Management

Capture Punches Your Way

The uAttend touch tablet time clock allows employees to punch with
biometric finger scanner, RFID card, or PIN.

Do it All on the Clock

Not only can employees punch in and out, they can also start and end
breaks, transfer departments, and track jobs. All right from the clock.

Capture Offline

Sketchy internet connection? No problem! The JR2000 securely
stores punches on the clock and automatically sends data to the
cloud once connectivity is restored.

Administrative Control

Plug 'n Play

The intuitive self-guided setup wizard helps get you going
quickly and easily. Just connect to the internet, pair with
your online account, set the time zone and go!

Job Tracking

You can keep track of exactly how much time employees
worked on specific projects.

Overtime Alerts

Avoid unnecessary cost overruns by setting alerts so that you
know when an employee is approaching overtime.

We have been using it for over a year
and it works great. We love it!

As a small business owner this is exactly
what I needed. Made everything so easy!

Works perfectly, the online time cards are
easy to read and easy to manage. Fabulous!

~ Kirt

~ Meghan

~ Rachel


All clocks require a monthly subscription.
The clocks will not work without a subscription.

All monthly cloud account plans are designed for two time clocks, one
administrator, and unlimited data exports in .csv format. Add $12 per month
for each additional time clock over two. Add $8 per month for each additional
administrator over one. Add $8 per month for data exports in formats other
than .csv. Plus tax where applicable. Text alerts optional, with plans starting
at $9.95 for up to 1,000 texts.

Affordable Plans
For Every Business




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