When your employees are stressed about their finances,
they aren’t bringing their best selves to work.
earlyPAY helps ease your employees’ financial worries by letting them
access their earned wages when they need it at absolutely no cost.
Even better, there's no work for you, no impact on payroll, and
it's easy to set up.

Empower Your Employees

Free on demand pay for your employees.


Helps Your Employees

Gain instant access to earned wages
Deal with unexpected expenses
Ease financial stress and improve wellbeing

on demand pay

Helps Your Business

Reduce turnover by 40%
Reduce absenteeism by 34%
Increase job performance by 86%

On-demand pay benefits reduce turnover by up to 40% each year and are used by leading
employers like Uber, Hilton, and Sam’s Club.

By simply enabling Early Pay in your uAttend account, you can help prevent your staff from
experiencing common financial shortfalls, making a happier and more productive workforce.

Benefits of earlyPAY

Research shows that happy employees make for more productive employees (like, 86% more productive). By letting your employees access their pay early, you can ease their financial stress, improve their wellbeing and increase their job performance. Talk about a win for everyone!

Pay on demand
On Demand Pay
Pay on demand
Pay on demand

Benefits for Employers

Employer of Choice

Employees view prospective employers 60% more favorably
who provide on-demand pay

Lower Turnover Rates

Benefits like earlyPAY can reduce turnover by 20-40% each year

Stand Out Among Your Competitors

On-demand pay benefits are used by leading employers like
Uber, Hilton, and Sam’s Club

So, What Do Your Employees
Get with earlyPAY?

Free Wage Advances

We’ll never charge you or your employees for an advance

An Incredible Financial Experience

Receive spending and savings accounts with no high or hidden fees and a Clair Debit Mastercard® with free withdrawals at 55,000 ATMs

On demand Pay

See it in Action

Check out this short webinar to see how easy it is to set-up and all the benefits you will gain.
If you have any questions talk to our team of specialists using the chat feature.

earlyPAY offers you a free way to stand out among your competitors
by letting your employees access their earned wages before their scheduled payday.

There’s no fees, no interest, and no interruption to payroll. Just happier
employees when they aren’t stressed about their finances.

Available for free as part of your uAttend subscription.

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