Automate Everything


Getting Started is Easy

uAttend saves you valuable time and money by automating time and attendance management. With ease of use in mind, the setup wizard guides you through those vital first steps to get your system up and running.

From the Box to the Cloud

  • Create your online uAttend account
  • Follow three-step Setup Wizard
    1. Choose your Pay Period
    2. Create a Department
    3. Add Employees
  • Begin Punching!
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Securely Capture Every Punch

Capture every punch from every time clock in your uAttend cloud account the instant it happens. See who’s in, who’s out, who’s early, who’s late in real time from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. No more chasing paper time cards for answers.

Key punch features

  • Punch onsite by fingerprint, facial recognition, RFID card reader, or PIN
  • Approve remote punching via smartphone, website, or touchtone dial
  • Establish geolocation parameters for employees using mobile app
  • Get optional text or email alerts when employees punch in and out
  • Limit early and late punches to prevent unapproved overtime pay
  • Set automatic break times to assist with labor regulation compliance
  • Tailor automatic meal deductions for your business requirements
  • Create lockout zones to eliminate all your unwanted punches
  • Determine your punch rounding rules to maximize every minute
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Manage Time Cards Anywhere

Quickly review, approve, and calculate all your digital time cards in your uAttend cloud account. Check, edit, and configure employee hours in minutes. Review one at a time or in batches. No more costly paper cards, messy ink ribbons, or annoying errors.
Key time card features

  •   Set weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly pay periods
  •   Display vacation, personal, and sick day accruals
  •   Manage first, second, third, and split shifts easily
  •   Create unlimited number of departments to group employees
  •   Use up to three levels of authorization for time card approvals
  •   Set holidays as paid and adjust pay codes for holiday workers
  •   Manage daily, weekly, Saturday, Sunday, and seventh day overtime
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Run Reports and Export Data to Any Payroll

Get the latest details on all your time and attendance data by running real-time reports in your uAttend cloud account. Automatically calculate, review, and approve employee hours for any pay and export to any payroll system in minutes. It’s that easy. No more pencils, calculators, calendars, or expensive human errors.
Key time card features

  •   Run reports on punches, time cards, and pay periods
  •   Check data on employees, departments, or entire company
  •   Review jobs tracked to see details of work performed
  •   Access more than 200 different exports for a variety of payroll systems
  •   Export to top payroll systems, including ADP, Paychex, and QuickBooks
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Empower Employee Interaction

Give your employees more visibility into their time and attendance totals, while enabling easier answers to routine requests. Your uAttend time clocks and cloud account streamline interactions. No more back and forth for simple questions.
Key employee features

  •   Let workers punch via smartphone, website, or touchtone dial
  •   Secure time card signoffs from employees regardless of location
  •   Allow staff to make time off requests via time clock or cloud
  •   Enable tip and expense reporting directly from time clock
  •   Create time zones specific to individual employee locations
  •   Allow employees to punch in and out from different departments
  •   Send messages to employees via time clock for secure viewing
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Capture Punches


Front Title

How do you want your workers to punch?

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Choose from fingerprint scan, facial recognition, RFID card reader, PIN, smartphone app, computer desktop, or touch tone dial.

Front Title

When can you view your employee punches?

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Check punches instantly, once a day, once a week, during payroll preparation, or anytime at all. Set up automatic text or email alerts too.

Front Title

What punch rules do you want to put in place?

Back Title

Control employee punches for starts, finishes, breaks, meals, and shifts. Accurately capture all time worked, eliminating gray areas.

Overtime Alerts


Your Time

Approaching, in, and after OT has been met.

Your Rules

Set the alerts to recur whenever you want.

Your Way

Receive custom alerts via email or text message.

Your Workforce

Set alerts by department or employee.


Fingerprint Scanner


bn6000-6500_right time clock cloud punch

Fingerprint scans employ biometric authentication, a security process using unique biological characteristics for individual verification. Protect your business from time card fraud and ensure a verified identity with every punch. Register fingerprints in seconds. Eliminates buddy punching.

BN6000 Time Clock LAN $149
BN6500 Time Clock WiFi $249

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Manage Time Cards


Front Title

Let us do the math.

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Set pay periods, benefit accruals, job shifts, pay codes, overtime hours, and all approvals digitally.

Front Title

Create as many departments as your heart desires.

Back Title

Enjoy the flexibility of managing multiple departments with unique shift, rounding, and meal break rules. Create as many as you need.

Front Title

Time card approvals are a big deal.

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Rest with digital piece of mind by managing the entire time card approval cycle anywhere on Earth with an internet connection. Review, edit, and approve in the cloud.

See Everything


Export Hours To Payroll


Front Title

Imagine doing your payroll hours in minutes.

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Streamline the payroll process with automatic calculations for any given pay period. Account for every dollar spent on every minute worked.

Front Title

Choose a payroll system that works best for your business.

Back Title

Step 1: Run a payroll report. Step 2: Export the report to virtually any payroll system. It's that easy. Plus, you eliminate costly rekeying errors.

Front Title

Access 200+ exports for virtually any payroll system.

Back Title

Export to ADP, Paychex, or QuickBooks. Or export to another payroll system. You have a ton of choices to fit your needs.

Facial Recognition


mn2000_left time clock cloud punch

Facial recognition uses biometric authentication to analyze and compare unique facial patterns for individual identification. Secure your business from time card fraud with digital images of your employees. Take photos in seconds and store in the cloud. Enjoy hands-free punches.

MN2000 Time Clock LAN $259

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Run Reports For Review


Front Title

Analyze everything in real time.

Back Title

Check on one employee, one department, or entire company. See data points for punches, time cards, and pay periods.

Front Title

Keep track of workforce productivity.

Back Title

Run a report to see how many hours employees worked over a specific time period. Use the data to help determine cost versus output.

Front Title

Stay in front of potential issues.

Back Title

Are you keeping compliant with overtime, break time, and meal time rules? Analyze the data to determine your standing.


RFID Card Reader


cb6000-6500_right time clock cloud punch

Radio frequency identification (RFID) cards transmit individual identifying data to RFID readers via electromagnetic waves. Employees simply pass their RFID cards over the RFID reader on a time clock to accurately punch in and out. Use the durable, wallet-size card for every punch.

CB6000 Time Clock LAN $119
CB6500 Time Clock WiFi $219

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Empower Employees


Front Title

"How many vacation hours do I have?"

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Make it easier for employees to check all their accrual hours whenever they want to better manage time off requests.

Front Title

"Just letting you know that I'm at the job site."

Back Title

Save all the back and forth communication and let employees punch in and out using optional mobile app, website, or touchtone dial choices. Set geolocations to prevent abuse.

Front Title

"I forgot to sign my time card."

Back Title

Review, edit, and approve employee time cards in the cloud from any location. Make it easier for workers to sign off on hours or any edits you make.

Get The App


cloud connected mobile phone

uAttend offers you the option of allowing your employees punch in from anywhere. Along with website and touchtone phone punching availability, your workers can download the uAttend app for free. Remote punching is perfect for businesses that need their staff to work in the field or allow their employees to telecommute. You can even set geolocations to ensure that your workers are where they are supposed to be when punching.